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FSRUs – A Critical Link in the LNG Value Chain

FSRUs – A Critical Link in the LNG Value ChainAs the volume of LNG produced and consumed continues to expand at a rapid pace, floating and regasification units (FSRUs) unlock access to the global LNG market for new importing markets around the world - at a fraction of the cost and time required for the construction of an onshore LNG import terminal. Höegh LNG is the industry leader in ownership and operation of modern FSRUs.

Höegh LNG’s strategy is to develop, manage and operate the group's assets to the highest technical, commercial, and safety standards, thereby maximising benefits to customers, shareholders, and all stakeholders. The company has successfully developed and executed complex, fully integrated projects for top-tier global energy companies, offering a comprehensive service offering that includes not only the provision and operation of an FSRU, but also all aspects of financing and the design and construction of support infrastructure including mooring systems, off-loading arms, and export pipelines.

Höegh LNG is a Bermuda incorporated company, headquartered in Norway with established presence in Singapore, the UK, USA, South Korea, Indonesia, Lithuania, Egypt, Colombia and Turkey. Höegh LNG Holdings Ltd. is listed on Oslo stock exchange with the ticker "HLNG", and has established a Master Limited Partnership, Höegh LNG Partners LP, that is listed on the New York Stock Exchange with the ticker "HMLP".

Floating LNG Import Terminals - FSRUs

With the most modern and technologically advanced fleet on the water, decades of experience as an innovator and leader in the LNG industry, and a strong emphasis on technological development and operational excellence, Höegh LNG is uniquely positioned to provide customers with the crucial energy infrastructure necessary to access the readily available supply of LNG in the global marketplace.

FSRUs have quickly established themselves as the preferred means of unlocking access to the global LNG trade, with multiple clear advantages over a traditional onshore import terminal:

  • Half the time to implement
  • Half the cost
  • Less risk of cost overruns, as a significant portion of construction occurs within a highly specialized shipyard at a fixed price and delivery window
  • Superior environmental impact profile
  • Flexibility to relocate the FSRU or use it as an LNG Carrier


Höegh LNG is one of the most experienced operators of LNG Carriers (LNGCs), with close to 100 years of shipping heritage and more than 40 years of innovation and leadership in the LNG carrier business dating back to the delivery of Norman Lady in 1973. Höegh LNG currently operates two LNG carriers servicing time charter contracts through 2026 with Equinor and Total.

With a strong emphasis on technological development and operational excellence, Höegh LNG is the floating LNG service company with the most versatile operational experience and substantial know-how, in addition to an impeccable safety record.

Höegh LNG operates its assets to the highest technical standards through safe operations, cost efficiency, environmentally sound- and high-quality management. International and national legislation and guidelines form the basis of health, safety, security and working environment (HSE). Höegh LNG takes active measures to reach beyond these requirements.

Höegh LNG believes accidents can be prevented by

  • Building a company culture which reinforces safety awareness among our employees
  • Ensuring practical and well-considered risk management onboard and ashore
  • Learning through analysing accidents and near accidents
  • Continuous improvement of procedures and routines including skills of personnel and emergency preparedness.

Höegh LNG is committed to uphold a long track-record in safe and reliable operations and has a consistently solid operational performance across the fleet.

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